Human AP2B1 protein

Human AP2B1 protein

Human AP2B1 protein

Description Recombinant protein from the full-length sequence of homo sapiens adaptor related protein complex 2 beta 1 subunit (AP2B1), transcript variant 1 (NM_001030006), with a His tag.
Host Human cells
RefSeq Link NM_001030006; NP_001025177; UniProt#: P63010; GeneID: 163;
Synonyms ADTB2; AP105B; AP2-BETA; CLAPB1
Molecular Weight 105.5 kDa
Purity >90% by SDS-PAGE gel and Coomassie Blue staining
Applications Antigens, Western, ELISA and other in vitro binding or in vivo functional assays, and protein-protein interaction studies; For research & development use only!
Formulation Purified protein formulated in a sterile solution of PBS buffer, pH7.2, without any preservatives
Endotoxin >Endotoxin level is < 0.1 ng/µg of protein (<1EU/µg)
Background The protein encoded by this gene is one of two large chain components of the assembly protein complex 2, which serves to link clathrin to receptors in coated vesicles. The encoded protein is found on the cytoplasmic face of coated vesicles in the plasma membrane. Two transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008].
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